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Hong Kong

“We’ve got Hong Kong covered”

Simon Reid-Kay has practiced and been resident in Hong Kong since 1985. Along with his team, he deals with all types of real estate transactions in Hong Kong. Decades of “seen-it-all” experience have put the team at Simon Reid-Kay & Associates as the go-to law firm for the highest level of real estate transactions in Hong Kong and the region.

Simon regularly advises on the real estate aspects of IPOs, funds (including REIT’s), securitizations, sale and leaseback, land exchanges and portfolio management for substantial Hong Kong-based international investment banks and conglomerates. He often advises private funds and investment banks and their clients’ real estate requirements including investments, financing and property management.

As well as handling purchases, sales and leases, the team at Simon Reid-Kay & Associates has advised owners, developers and lenders on the planning and construction aspects of many major developments and infrastructure projects in Hong Kong and the region. He also has extensive experience in government land administration and heavyweight commercial leasing work.

Choosing Simon Reid-Kay & Associates will give you access to an internationally-minded real estate practice with vast experience and proven success. You will work closely with a team of professional experts who are committed to finding the best solutions that are tailored to your particular requirements and objectives. Moreover, this is a firm you can trust and count on.