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Get up to date on some of the latest news involving the Simon Reid-Kay & Associates team!

Simon was interviewed by CorpHub recently about his role in providing real estate legal services in Hong Kong.Here is what they had to say.

The scale and diversity of real estate transactions in Hong Kong is always growing. Whether it’s a carpark space up for sale or the construction of an entire building complex, transactions involve complex transfer of ownership and lengthy legal procedures. Needless to say, a lawyer with experience of the field is an indispensable part of the process.

Simon Reid-Kay has practiced and been resident in Hong Kong since 1985. Along with his team, he deals with all types of real estate transactions in Hong Kong. He founded Simon Reid-Kay & Associates in 2012, focusing on local real estate legal services. As well as handling purchases, sales and leases, the team at Simon Reid-Kay & Associates has advised owners, developers and lenders on the planning and construction aspects of many major developments and infrastructure projects in Hong Kong and the region. Unique specialisation and positioning have won the firm a strong reputation within the law community of Hong Kong.

Comprehensive real estate legal services, tackling transactions of all sizes

Simon Reid-Kay & Associates (SRKA) adopts a “specialised and sophisticated” approach, covering a full spectrum of real estate legal services. SRKA’s specialist lawyers regularly advise on the real estate aspects of IPOs, funds (including REIT’s), securitisation, sale and leaseback, land exchanges and portfolio management for substantial Hong Kong-based international investment banks and conglomerates, as well as private funds, investment banks and their clients’ real estate requirements including investments, financing and property management

Positioning itself as a “boutique” law firm, SRKA can handle and follow up all legal matters in the real estate category. A classic law firm’s team often includes many solicitors from different specialties, thereby increasing operational reach and diversifying its business capabilities. SRKA, on the other hand, adopts a vertical approach, focusing on offering bespoke real estate services. Research is more in-depth and knowledge on the industry is extensive, gaining the trust of clients whatever their size. SRKA’s client source is, Simon remarks, wide and ranges from individuals buying their first property to governments and international investment firms.

Experience in international firms

In addition to professional expertise, SRKA adds a personal touch to its business model. Simon pointed out that the senior management members of the firm had had extensive experience in international law firms before joining SRKA and brought their operating and management experience to SRKA. “When we first established, we only had 7 colleagues. After almost 10 years, we have grown into a 25-person team. Although not as large as other large law firms, our professional orientation is focused and we are familiar with the international community. The management model has won the support of our clients and partners.”

SRKA’s team is capable of handling large and small legal matters in the real estate industry, and it is evident that many local and international law firms hold them in high regard, cooperate with them and refer cases. “SRKA is perhaps the only law firm in Hong Kong that specialises in real estate legal services in this way. On the other hand, other law firms may not be equipped with relevant specialised lawyers, so other colleagues will refer cases to us from time to time. Of course, our performance over the years has built considerable trust in them.”



With his eyes set on the future, Simon believes that his solid foundation of clients, partners and the reputation accumulated over many years practicing in Hong Kong, will give future clients the confidence to choose to work with SRKA should the opportunity present itself. Simon’s optimism about the Hong Kong property market and the development of new types of buildings in Hong Kong, including data centers, green buildings, and the improvement in public housing, serves as a positive sign that with regard to the real estate industry in Hong Kong, the best is yet to come, and Simon Reid-Kay & Associates will continue to serve.

專注房地產法律服務 專門專項典範-專訪Simon Reid-Kay & Associates創辦人Simon Reid-Kay偉德勤


Simon Reid-Kay偉德勤是一名在港執業多年的事務律師,經驗豐富;他在2012年創立Simon Reid-Kay & Associates,聚焦本港房地產法律服務,走向專門化,可有效、專業地完成各種相關法律程序,獨特的定位亦為事務所贏盡口碑。

專注房地產 處理各類規模交易

Simon Reid-Kay & Associates(SRKA)採取「專而精」路線,凡涉及房地產有關的法律事宜,由樓宇買賣合約、租賃、按揭,到資產管理、承建合約及盡職調查,甚或乎準備上市的企業公開招股前為物業進行合規評估和房地產信託基金之合規和管理事宜等巨額交易,SRKA的房地產專門律師均可為不同項目提供專業服務。





對於未來,Simon對其律師事務所非常有信心,除了是因為多年來累積的客群、合作夥伴和聲譽等豐厚的基礎外,他亦看好本港的樓市,以及其他新型建築物在香港的發展,包括數據中心、綠色建築等,並繼續運用Simon Reid-Kay & Associates的專業知識,服務大眾。

Equal Opportunities Commission Report:
The Recognition and Treatment of Relationships under Hong Kong law

Simon Reid-Kay & Associates is delighted to have contributed to the report titled “The Recognition And Treatment of Relationships under Hong Kong Law” published by the Equal Opportunities Commission.

The research report prepared by Allen & Overy looks at 21 areas of Hong Kong law and considers various aspects of daily life.  We are privileged to have participated in this project providing a comprehensive overview of the differential treatment that results from the non-recognition of couples in alternative relationships in all areas of Hong Kong law.

Goodman Interlink Magic Mile Run – 2019

Simon Reid-Kay & Associates is delighted to have again participated in the annual Goodman Interlink Magic Mile Charity Ramp Run organized by Goodman and supported by many of our friends.  We are proud to have played our part in helping Goodman and supporters of the event raising millions of dollars for various charitable organisations.

As in the previous years, we entered a 4 person team to officially take part in the main event and the remaining Simon Reid-Kay & Associates entourage including family and friends also completed the trip to the top of the mile long ramp.


Hong Kong Corporate Sevens – 2018

For the 5th year Simon Reid-Kay & Associates was delighted to help the RB-SRKA Tin Shui Wai Pandas enter two teams at the Hong Kong Corporate Sevens.  Our Mixed Pool Team won the Plate.  As a team sponsor for half a decade, SRKA is delighted to hear that last December’s event successfully raised over HK$566,000 for the HKRUCF Tackling English Programme, the beneficiary charity of the 2018 Hong Kong Corporate Sevens.

The Hong Kong Corporate Sevens 2019 will be held on Sunday, 8th December 2019 at the Indian Recreation Club, So Kon Po.  We hope to be there again with the RB-SRKA Pandas and are looking forward to seeing our friends at this year’s event.  Please feel free to come and join us and support a great cause.

SRKA advises on Debt Market Deal of the Year and reputedly the largest transaction of its kind in the world

SRKA is delighted and privileged to have advised on the property aspects of the debt financing for the HK$40 Billion acquisition of “The Center”, an iconic Hong Kong commercial property and considered to be the most valuable single building transaction in the world in 2018. The transaction won the Debt Market Deal of the Year Award at the 2018 Asian Legal Business Law Awards, which honour legal excellence and the outstanding achievements of in-house counsel and law firms in Hong Kong.

ALB Award for Debt Market Deal of the Year

Come and join us at the Hong Kong Corporate Sevens on Sunday 9th December 2018 at the Indian Recreation Club So Kon Po

For the 4th year SRKA is delighted to co-sponsor, with our good friends from interior design firm Richards Basmajian, the Mens Team and Mixed Team of the Tin Shui Wai Pandas RFC at this year’s Hong Kong Corporate Sevens, which will take place on 9 December 2018.  This year’s event will raise money for the HKRUCF Tackling English Programme, aimed at building English language competence and confidence amongst youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds and using sport to help them realise their potential.

As usual, we will be hosting a tent at this event all day on Sunday 9th December. Please do drop by to say hello. Friends and family are all welcome.

Hong Kong Corporate Sevens – 2017

Sunday 10th of December, So Kon Po Sports Ground

Come down and support the Tin Shui Wai Pandas at this year’s Corporate Rugby Sevens!

Teams included the likes of HSBC, Swire, Savills, JLL and Colliers. This year the format remains the same, with teams playing Tag Rugby rather than the previous full contact version.

The Pandas, also known as the Tin Shui Wai Rugby Football Club (TSWRFC), were established in 2011. Many of the core players came through the “Operation Breakthrough” programme ( and went on to represent Hong Kong at U20s, Hong Kong Development Level and in the Hong Kong A squad.

New Years Day Youth Rugby Tournament – 2017

As Chairman of the Hong Kong Rugby Colts Association, Simon is delighted to be involved in the Prudential NYD Youth Rugby Tournament which is played at the Hong Kong Football Club on the 1st of January every year. It is one of the highlights of youth rugby in Hong Kong. As you can see from the attached link, this is the 17th year of Reid-Kay involvement and it is very much a family affair.

The tournament on 1st January 2017 will be the 50th running of this event.

Hong Kong Corporate Sevens – 2016

Once again, Simon Reid-Kay & Associates and co-sponsor Richards Basmajian sponsored the Tin Shui Wai Pandas club at this year’s Corporate Rugby Sevens which were held on Sunday, 4 December 2016. Teams included the likes of HSBC, Swire, Savills, JLL and Colliers. This year the format changed and we entered a mixed team in addition to the men’s team, playing Tag Rugby rather than the previous full contact version. We are delighted that our mixed team (requiring a team to have a minimum of three women on the field at any one time) won the Plate in their competition.

The Pandas, also known as the Tin Shui Wai Rugby Football Club (TSWRFC), were established in 2011. Many of the core players came through the “Operation Breakthrough” programme ( and went on to represent Hong Kong at U20s, Hong Kong Development Level and in the Hong Kong A squad.

During their inaugural season, the first team was undefeated and won the Championship Division while the second team won silverware at the National League level. Both teams were promoted at the end of the opening season.

In the 2013/14 season TSWRFC expanded from 2 teams to 4 including both a men’s and a women’s team playing at development level. In that first season the women’s team became champions in the 10’s B league.

The Club’s first two teams currently play in Premiership A and Community League 3, respectively. In the summer of 2015 a Colts section consisting of U19, U16, U14 boys and girls teams was introduced, winning silverware at the end of their first season. The 2015 season also saw wins for the Women Xs (Development League), the Men’s NL 5 division – and the Men’s Thirds XV won the Grand Championship Final – remaining unbeaten for the whole season.

And, last but not least, in season 2015/16 TSWRFC won the RFU ‘Trophy 21’ which is awarded to the “fairest and cleanest team” in Hong Kong – which came as no surprise to us!

New Wine Ministries Hong Kong 

NWMHK is a leading ministry for cancer patients and also provides ministry for asylum seekers and refugees. They go weekly to cancer centres in local communities around Hong Kong while asylum seekers and refugees attend their ministry once a week. Simon Reid-Kay & Associates supports New Wine Ministries by attending their annual charity ball and sponsoring their event programme.

Tin Shui Wai Rugby Football Club – The Pandas

The Pandas are a relatively new rugby team, developed to encourage a greater sense of belonging through participation in team sports. The team was launched in 2011 with players mainly from the Operation Breakthrough scheme, an initiative set up by the Hong Kong Police, in Tin Shui Wai in the New Territories. The Pandas inaugural season was a massive success – they won every game played – and the club advanced to higher divisions where the competition is somewhat tougher. The Club now has senior mens and womens teams as well as a fast growing youth section with team of girls and boys aged 12 to 18. Simon Reid-Kay & Associates are proud to be a main co-sponsor of The Pandas rugby club.